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Has anyone ordered anything from TREDZ which has been delivered on ti?me


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    casob wrote:
    Has anyone ordered anything from TREDZ which has been delivered on ti?me

    Yep, a turbo trainer, amongst other things. They are also very helpful on the phone.
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    Good shop. They often match their internet prices in store too.

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    I haven't ordered online as their Cardiff store is just down the road. A reputable company but can't comment on their speed of shipping.

    Maybe worth calling them to check they have stock.

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    Never heard of them. Site looks good though, just googled it.
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    Excellent service off their eBay shop... Next day delivery! And keen price too!
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    order a pair of 26' mudguard last friday....
    still not arrive my front door yet :(
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    Ordered a set of wheels took eleven days to arrive :cry::cry::cry:
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    I've ordered three items from their website. With each order, about a week later, they admitted they didn't have the item in stock but had charged my credit card as soon as I placed the order. Obtaining refunds took ages. I won't order from them again no matter how cheap they are.

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    Recently bought a cassette from their Ebay shop; best price around and delivered very quickly.
  • Nope I have only used them once I bought a pair of gloves which they said were in stock which then became out of stock after I'd made the purchase. They then took nearly 3 mths to arrive. I've used ribble and merlin for all my online purchasing since then.
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  • I've only ever used tredz once, although I'm still waiting for one of the three items I ordered their communications have been excellent. I received an e-mail the day after saying that one of the items was out of stock and asking if I wanted to cancel the order or wait. I'll keep a close eye on it now even though prices were good. I tend to normally go for Ribble or Wiggle, never had problems with them, and if it's out of stock at least they'll admit it and not wait for your order to get it from the supplier.