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Evening all

I am planning on hitting the Penmachno trail tomorrow for the first time and I have been told there is a loop 2 extension which extentds loop 1 into a 30km route?

Does this make sense to anybody? If it does and you are looking for something to fill your last half hour in work or just generally bored feel free to mark up the attached route with said loop extension route and send back to me......would be greatly appreciated.

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  • sniper68
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    Loop 2 is just an extension and is clearly waymarked.No real need for a map just follow the markers and either turn right to loop2 or left to loop1 when you get to the junction 8) Loop2 rejoins loop1 a few hundred metres from the Junction marker.
  • ma9mwah
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    at number 21 you turn right and head downhill and follow the signs. its all well signed