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How to contact a moderator?

neilp2000neilp2000 Posts: 19
edited March 2011 in The bottom bracket
Didn't know where else to post this...

I registered with Bikeradar ages ago.... but don't know my password or username. I have re-registered using a work email... and want to switch to my personal email. However.... my personal email is in use by the other account. Reset password button doesn't do anything.... going round in circles. Eeeeeek! :shock: :D

Cheers all


  • KaiseKaise Posts: 2,498
    i have this problem,

    i want my old e-=mail address adding to this account
  • shouldbeinbedshouldbeinbed Posts: 2,660
    I'd try the Bikeradar Office section of the forum. all the website queries get answered in there by the relevant top bods
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Reset password has only worked for me in the past using IE - Firefox & Chrome didn't work. I could have d/l Opera & Safari to check those but couldn't be bothered. IE was the only one that resulted in an email in my inbox to do the reset.
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