The Ideal Bicycle Touring Diet...

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Hello All,

Just thought I'd pick your brains a little on a seemingly very important aspect of riding. The diet. I've looked into it a little, however personal recommendations over statistical gobledegoop is more meaningful. I'm doing JOGLE at end of April, and want to make sure my diet is on track. On the weekends I do my long training rides, for this I tend to have a bowl golden syrup poridge and a banana. Through the ride I nibble on things like mixed fruit and nut, fruit and nut frusli bars, nutragain bars and a banana. Stopping for lunch at either a garage where I get something like a chicken salad sandwich, or stopping at a cafe and having something like a baguette or soup. I read a lot about these super duper energy bars, gels, sweets etc, but just not interested. I want to stick to real food, not space naff.

So on that note, could anyone offer advice on what's best to eat for:

On bike nibbles

I know there is no 1 set best, which is perfect because I don't want to get sick of eating the same stuff every day.

Additionally, I drink plenty of water, often add a few scoops of glucous powder. If anyone has any recommendations for that aspect of the touring diet it would be much appreciated.

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