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How many in your life?

PepPep Posts: 501
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Of course bycicles. How many have you owned so far in your life?

For me 13, here in chrono order:

1) first (with stabilizers, then moved)
2) second (single speed)
3) green bianchi graziella (shared with my sis, but she nearly never used it, stolen)
4) red bianchi virginia (shared with my sis, but she nearly never used it)
5) bianchi green MTB. (cycling to school and uni. zillions of miles, climbed Stelvio).
6) a blue comuting Leri, 3 gears
7) a red one. Old and crappy.
8) a road Leri. (great, Stelvio twice, then UK, then Japan, now UK, now garage and only turbo work)
9) a white MTB, borrowed by a Russian when I was in Japan.
10) a Japanese one, given to me by my employer.
11) a Trek 4500 MTB, but used for road commuting, then stolen in Manchester, hope the thief was German
12) a Trek 6700 MTB, but used for commuting. My daily one.
13) a Cannondale Synapse, carbon, ultegra, expensive, used only for sport.


  • straasstraas Posts: 338
    1) First in memory, a little black bmx type thing, with plastic rims and a computer which made noises -

    2) Saracen Fire, front suspension, disc brakes - felt like I was towing a parachute wherever I went and weighed more than me.

    3) Revolution cross bike, loved it, put about 1,000 miles on it until some old codger ran me over.

    4) Spesh secteur, my current do it all bike.
    FCN: 6
  • FlasheartFlasheart Posts: 1,278
    6 you tart.
    Geez you have no morals
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    Flasheart wrote:
    6 you tart.
    Geez you have no morals

    10 and counting...

    Love n hugs


    Edit, ooppss that's current so at least double that and then some
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  • Homer JHomer J Posts: 920
    I've owned 9, ridden a friends one a few times :wink:
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    1 Elswick Hopper singlespeed
    2 Peugeot five speed tourer
    3 Raleigh Routier 10 speed tourer
    The Dark Ages - only cars bought in this period!
    4 Edinburgh Country tourer
    5 cheap BSO full sus mtb (retained as the house guest bike)
    6 Saracen RAW II full sus mtb (since given to a mate)
    7 Cannondale CAAD5
    8 Marin Mount Vision - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
    Specialized Roubaix SL3 Expert 2012, Cannondale CAAD5,
    Marin Mount Vision (1997), Edinburgh Country tourer, 3 cats!
  • jrduqueminjrduquemin Posts: 791
    1. Monza Sport Mag Burner (earliest bike I can remember)
    2. Raleigh Chopper type bike
    3. Raleigh Night Burner BMX
    4. Falcon Phantom 10 speed racer
    5. Raleigh Mustang BSO
    6. Marin Bear Valley
    7. Specialized StumpJumper Comp
    8. Sunn Roader + road bike
    9. Specialized StumpJumper M4 (replaced deceased Stumpy)
    10. Mountain Cycle Zen
    11. Specialized Roubaix Elite road bike
    12. Specialized S-Works FSR
    13. Lynskey R230 road bike
    14. Santa Cruz Blur LT
    2010 Lynskey R230
    2013 Yeti SB66
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    1. A blue Raleigh
    2. Peugeot MTB with 12 gears
    3. Falcon MTB with 18 gears - that died while I was at university with a seized BB
    4. Shogun (?) BSO - got hit by a car which cracked the frame, although it was on its last legs
    5. Dawes 20Four Tourismo - cheapo hybrid bought to get me out of a hole after the accident on #4, pretty crappy but still does duty as my utility bike

    < - - - The Enlightening - - - >

    6. BeOne Storm 1.0 - my first drop bar bike, it's a bit big but I love it! Did my first 100km, 100 mile and 200km on this bike.
    7. Faggin (no really, that's what the maker was called) Carlos - 1980s steel road bike with tubular Mavic rims, this is a project bike that I've never ridden
    8. Soon-to-be PlanetX Nanolight HiMod (although this will need parts from #6)
    - - - - - - - - - -
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  • kev77kev77 Posts: 433
    Cannot remember childhood bikes, but the below do bring back good memories.

    Raleigh Mag Burner bmx, white with black padding ( black mag wheels!!! )

    Giant MTB ( cannot remember name ) good servant.

    Another MTB cannot remember the make but it was abbreviated? rear under frame caliper ( very trick )

    GT LTS ( very trick and custom one off paint by ridley in belgium ) cost a fortune building it up!

    Pinarello FP ( current steed love it )
  • spinndriftspinndrift Posts: 185
    1) Little red thing
    2) Less little blue thing
    3) Raleigh Tomahawk
    4) Raleigh Chopper MK1
    5) Some nasty 5 speed gentlemans bike
    6) Raleigh Bannana
    7) Marin Rocky Ridge
    8) Raleigh Dyna -Tech road bike (was working in a LBS and cut a deal and ended up with dura ace on it
    9) GT BMX can't remember the model
    10) Intense Uzzi
    Then had an accident and didn't ride for 11 years
    11) GT Talera (retro mid 90s style)
    12) Fuji Cross Pro

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  • holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
    Various bikes handed down from Big Brother, first bike bought a dark blue Raleigh. Did'nt have one for while after school tiil I got married and bought a heavy steel framed racing bike from a neighbour for the wife, which she never used but i did for several years (think it had 5 gears). Fitted it with child seat, realitivly easy to remove. Then a steel framed Puegot blue and white. It got some abuse remember the left crank use to work looose many miles from home, so a few one legged cycles home. Then another second hand racer, then given an old Ron Cooper framed bike with Campagnola group set from a work mate who used to be a good young racer. Still got this fitted with Ultergra groupset. then me current Trek 1200 and cyclocross X01. Ooops forgot to mention my old Diamond back MTB which I've still got. (Not going to mention the £100 Halfords MTB which weighed heavier than my Wife's current car).
  • MaxwellBygravesMaxwellBygraves Posts: 1,353
    edited March 2011
    1. Yellow thing. Said the word 'Jackal' on it.
    2. Raleigh Stonefly
    3. Often borrowed my Dads Raleigh Pioneer.
    4. Raleigh Nitro
    5. Cheapo Saracen mtb
    *light bulb moment*
    6. 80's Phillips steely road bike
    7. Specialized Allez
    8. Cervelo S1
    9 Cervelo R3SL

    ETA: all of the mtbs were essentially just kids bikes, there is a massive gap between 5 & 6 where I grew up.
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  • andy_fandy_f Posts: 474
    1. Little fixed wheel un-named thing(learned to ride on)
    2. Raleigh Tomahawk(my dad wanted to buy me a Bianchi) :oops:
    3. Carlton
    4. Rudi Altig Grand Prix(built from solid steel bars)
    5. Revell(with Shimano Beopace)
    6. Gios Megalite(still got obviously)
    7. Colnago Start(disappointing) :(
    8. Cheap ATB hack(still got)
    9. Ribble winter(still got)
    10. Gios V107(still got obviously)
    11. Boardman Comp MTB(still got)
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  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    Oh god er:

    0) Ralleigh Trike (does it count)
    1) Some small blue thing
    2) Some small Red Girls bike...
    3) Blue Ralleigh racer
    4) REd Motobecane
    5) Ralleigh SAbre ATB
    6) Dawes Giro
    7) GT Zaskar Team
    8) Dawes SArdar

    Still 3,4,5,6,7 and 8
    3 and 4 aren't in a usable state...
    Do Nellyphants count?

    Commuter: FCN 9
    Cheapo Roadie: FCN 5
    Off Road: FCN 11

    +1 when I don't get round to shaving for x days
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    Not sure what I learned on, but my menory of bikes starts with the little blue thing at the ago of about 4. I've never been with out a bike since, can't imagine not having one. I'm 38 now.

    1) A little blue thing....... freewheel went, but I was too small to know what the issue was :lol:
    2) Raleigh Striker
    3) Wierd 'gents' bke (early hybrid type thing I guess)
    4) Raleigh Super Tough Burner (complete with black Skyways. oh yes 8) )
    5) Raleigh Equipe racer
    6) Raleigh Mustang mtb
    7) Raleigh 'Team' mtb
    8) Kona 'Fire Mountain' mtb
    9) Kona 'Kilauea' mtb
    10) Kona 'The King' fs mtb
    11) Giant 'XTC' (the Mrs')
    12) Trek 1.9............ WooHoo.......... road bike at last !!!
    13) AMP 'B2'........... 1993 restoration project

    I currently ride bikes 9, 10 and 12. Bike 13 is in bits in my study, waiting to find some 1993 Spinnergy mtb wheels.
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  • shouldbeinbedshouldbeinbed Posts: 2,660
    a red universal
    a purple puch
    a gold and blue 5 speed racer
    a brilliant black tourer with suicide levers / a short lived raleigh bmx

    had the tourer for many years, my parents gave it away when I left home and moved to manchester. I had every intention of bringing it down when I got a flat rather that halls with no storage - gutted

    a BSO from asda just to get me mobile again
    A birdy red / claud buter rock
    the red was soon upgraded to a birdy blue / claud buther legend x2

    a peugeot racer converted to a flat bar commuter when I wrecked my neck

    Canondale Street Ultra / EBC cross 2010 / still got the birdy / 'b'twn sport 1
  • Tomahawk
    Sun GT10 XL
    Peugot Race Bike
    Redline BMX
    PK Ripper BMX
    Giant Cadex 2 MTB
    Cannandale Saeco CAAD8 **
    Brian Rourke Custom
    Ribble Winter Bike **
    Spesh Epic Comp MTB
    Intense 5.5 EVP MTB **
    Felt AR3 **

    ** - Still got
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 65,272 Lives Here

    Tiny with stabilisers

    bike from age 7 - 12.

    12 - onwards - mtb which has been used and abused (and altered) through down all the years

    16 owards - my road bike (spez allez)

    22 onwards - single speed kona paddy waggon.
  • PepPep Posts: 501
    jrduquemin wrote:
    1. Monza Sport Mag Burner (earliest bike I can remember)
    2. Raleigh Chopper type bike
    3. Raleigh Night Burner BMX
    4. Falcon Phantom 10 speed racer
    5. Raleigh Mustang BSO
    6. Marin Bear Valley
    7. Specialized StumpJumper Comp
    8. Sunn Roader + road bike
    9. Specialized StumpJumper M4 (replaced deceased Stumpy)
    10. Mountain Cycle Zen
    11. Specialized Roubaix Elite road bike
    12. Specialized S-Works FSR
    13. Lynskey R230 road bike
    14. Santa Cruz Blur LT

    You beat me by one!
  • Andyb10Andyb10 Posts: 126
    1) First new bike was a white Sun racing bike with 5sp down tube shifters back in the 70's. I was about 10 or 11 at the time and it lasted until I was about 19.
    Amazing as I gained several inches in height during this time but I don't recall it ever not fitting me.
    2) A green Claude Butler mountain bike also lasted me years - still got it in bits in my mothers garage. Yes she is sick of it being there

    Gave up smoking 5 years ago and started cycling properly

    3) A Specialized Rockhopper Pro - 2006
    4) A Spesh Allez Sport 2006 - my oldest son has this now as it was too big for me really!
    5) Argon 18 Platinum - 2007 now my winter bike
    6) Cervelo R3 SL - 2008
    7) Cervelo S3 - 2010

    As I said still own the last 5 and my good lady wife has a couple of Spesh road bikes and a mountain bike as well.

    Still believe in N+1 as the number of bikes needed though (where N = current number owned)
  • nevmannevman Posts: 1,611
    1 a kids trike
    2 a Carlton racer-stolen aged 14
    3 Peugeot racer later converted to flat bars-idiot
    4 Saracen MTB-still present 20 years but in bits
    5 Spesh Allez-winter trainer,Audaxer etc
    6 LE Boardman carbon
    7 Alan TopCross bike-commuter
    Heh,thats not much?
    Whats the solution? Just pedal faster you baby.

    Summer B,man Team Carbon LE#222
    Winter Alan Top Cross
    All rounder Spec. Allez.
  • Harry182Harry182 Posts: 1,168
    1 - tiny yellow bike from Canadian Tire
    2 - red Speedo - given to be by a buddy when he got a new bike
    3 - Raleigh Modular 5 - orange, small-wheel, 5-speed road bike
    4 - Raleigh Royale - black 10-speed road bike
    5 - Miele Tempo (1985) - entry level road bike with Ishiwata Magny steel frame - frame still in use until last year when it was retired (donated it to charity)
    6 - Desmarais - compact framed hybrid, bought used in 1990 and sold in 1991
    7 - Kona Kilauea (1991) - stolen in 1998
    8 - Dekerf Team SL (1998) - stolen in 2002 and got it back in 2007; has since been treated to a powder-coat and converted to a ss commuter
    9 - Everti Falcon (2008) - Ti road bike
    10 - Colnago Dream Plus (late '90's) - frame bought on ebay in 2010 and built up as a ss winter-bike/commuter
  • Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585

    Hooray...someone else had a Chipper...thought I'd imagined it. :D
    It was sad chasing after my mates who had Choppers, and gears :cry:
    Then, not counting early kids trikes etc:
    Raleigh 5 speed (had an aero bottle and 650 wheels)
    Emmelle something or other...nicked
    Raleigh 10 speed...silver...nicked
    Super heavyweight early Raleigh MTB
    GT Karakoram (still have in bits)
    Mongoose IBOC Comp...carbon MTB lasted10 years until it cracked.
    Bit of a cycling lull...marriage/kids etc
    Cannondale CAAD9 (current)
    Giant XTC Alliance (current)
    Kinesis Pro 5 Cross bike...self build and current
    Mike B

    Cannondale CAAD9
    Kinesis Pro 5 cross bike
    Lots of bits
  • jrduqueminjrduquemin Posts: 791
    Pep wrote:
    jrduquemin wrote:
    1. Monza Sport Mag Burner (earliest bike I can remember)
    2. Raleigh Chopper type bike
    3. Raleigh Night Burner BMX
    4. Falcon Phantom 10 speed racer
    5. Raleigh Mustang BSO
    6. Marin Bear Valley
    7. Specialized StumpJumper Comp
    8. Robinson Amtrac XXL BMX
    9. Sunn Roader + road bike
    10. Specialized StumpJumper M4 (replaced deceased Stumpy)
    11. Mountain Cycle Zen
    12. Specialized Roubaix Elite road bike
    13. Specialized S-Works FSR
    14. Lynskey R230 road bike
    15. Santa Cruz Blur LT

    You beat me by one!

    Oops, forgot the BMX race bike :-)
    2010 Lynskey R230
    2013 Yeti SB66
  • leedsmjhleedsmjh Posts: 196
    1. Purple thing with a basket when I was 6ish - can only remember it cos we took the cat for rides in the basket. He didn't appreciate it.
    2. Something in red with butterfly handlebars (wasn't a Chopper sadly)
    ... possibly some unremembered beasties
    3. Lawrencia junior road bike in blue
    4. Unknown 2nd hand road bike - had it less than a week before being squashed by a car
    5. Cheap MTB can't remember the brand, soon replaced by:
    6. Diamondback MTB in the mid 90s
    7. Trek 7000 ZX MTB 1997 model
    8. Cannondale Synapse 2007 - current winter bike
    9. Pinnacle expede 2008 - current commuter bike
    10. Look 585 Elle 2009 - current best bike
    11. Kinesis maxlight MTB - just bought 2nd hand, can't really justify it

    Definate latter day trend to bike purchases
  • 1983 - Girls bike with solid tyres and stabilizers

    1985 - Red Bmx (really wanted a burner but sadly never owned one)

    1987 - Raleigh Racer, white

    1990 - Apollo MTB, green & white

    1993 - Carrera MTB, built it out of the box with my dad.

    1995 - Trek 7000 MTB, started with spds, added susp forks in 2002.

    2004 - Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp, great bike.

    2005 - Giant OCR3, 1st proper road bike which gave me the bug.

    2008 - Merlin Malt 4 XT groupset, awesome hardtail, still owned.

    2008 - Specialized Allez Elite, still owned now a winter bike.

    2010 - Bianchi Infinito Ultegra, all I can say is WOW.
    2010 Bianchi Infinito Ultegra
    2008 Specialized Allez Elite
    2008 Merlin Malt 4
  • squeelersqueeler Posts: 144
    Raleigh Boxer - in blue
    Puch magnum BMX - black with yellow metal mags
    Decathlon Chrono racer - still got as pub hack
    Raleigh MTB with Girvin flexstem - stolen
    2nd hand Ridgeback MTB with skinny slicks - scrapped
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp - stolen
    Ribble Carbon Sportive - still got
    Specialized Pitch Pro - still got
    2nd hand 80s Peugot Rotary road bike - current commuter about to be scrapped when my Genesis Day one Alfine arrives in a couple of weeks!

    Many happy memories with all of them
  • LibraioLibraio Posts: 181
    Something with training wheels
    Something with apehangers -used to ride it on the rear rack and pretend it was a Harley :oops:
    Noname 5 speed mountainbike -did a brilliant front flip that I landed on my head :oops:
    Gazelle 2X5 road bike -someone messed up my rear wheel, I fixed it up then it was stolen :evil:
    Crappy 'omafiets' -don't really know where it went
    Noname 3x7 mountainbike -bought 2nd hand, painted Giant yellow, stolen :evil:

    Mini 1000, Peugeot 105 rally, Mini Cooper, Fiat Panda

    Crappy omafiets -Left it on the street when I went to pick up the Kona
    Trek District -bought 2nd hand, fitted an Alfine 8speed hub, brilliant bike use it every day
    Kona Honky Tonk -1st bike I ever bought new use it on the weekends

    Busy thinking up a titianium cross/ do it all bike, either with beltdrive and Alfine 11 or Sram Apex. Still saving up for a XACD frame at the moment.
    The Commuter: 2009 Trek District
    The John Deere: 2011 Van Dessel WTF
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    1. Something weenie with stabilisers
    2. Something else I can't remember
    3. A purple Raleigh
    4. Dawes Chevron 10 speed
    5. Falcon Black Diamond (after I bent the Dawes)
    6. A Belgian frame made from Minerva tubing ( my first decent road bike, circa 1986)
    7. Dave Kane in Reynolds 531
    8. Alan Record Carbonio with Campagnolo Chorus
    9. Cannondale MT500 MTB
    10. Marin Pine Mountain
    11. Colnago CT1 with Record
    12. Specialized Rockhopper
    13. Planet-X Kaffenback
    14. Terry Dolan track
    15. Xian titanium custom cross
    16. Paul Hewitt TT
    17. Gios Aerodynamic 1983 - restored Retrobike
    18. Gios Compact 1994
    19. Battaglin RS1 - presently run as fixed
    20. Ritchey Breakaway
    21. Kuota Kross
    22. Pompino fixed commuter
    There's probably 1 or 2 others that I can't remember either...
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • small red thing, with stabilisers at first and then without
    Raleigh Comanche - bit like the tomahawk
    Raleigh Jeep - sit up and beg, single speed
    Raleigh Arena - 10 speed and drops
    Raleigh Record Sprint - got nicked, I was not happy
    Hugh Porter 531
    Yellow Pinarello, Columbus SLX
    Dawes Synthesis hybrid - at the same time as the Pinarello
    Dawes One Down - current and used pretty much every day
    Colnago Tecnos - current
    Avanti Barracuda MTB - waiting for me in New Zealand

  • Erm...

    1. Little green trike
    2. Little blue thingy with stabilisers - Raleigh?
    3. Chipper (hoorah! another one)
    4. Red Chopper
    5. Another Chopper - Orange (the last one got nicked, I think)
    6. Puch road bike - trashed at 30mph+
    7. Puch road bike - silver, no idea what model, it was 1978 after all....eventually nicked
    8. Green hideous cheap drop bar thing for commuting in London - held together with gaffer tape :oops:

    15-year gap then

    9. Truly awful Halfrauds "MTB" - made of pig iron but cheap - consigned to the crusher
    10. Felt QX75 Hybrid
    11. Cannondale CAAD9 Liquigas

    Trying to convince Mrs BT that 2 bikes ain't enough, and that I absolutely have to have a carbon-bling "summer" bike........ :lol:
    "Get a bicycle. You won't regret it if you live"
    Mark Twain
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