Riding double switch backs

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I've been to Glentress three times now and love it but I do have a nemisis corner. On the red route just before the start of the pie run on the down hill after "Hit Squad Hill" there's a very tight and steep double switch back.

I can't seem to get round this without unclipping. What's the technique to beat this block I've got. :?

I'll be back there on Sunday and i'd like to be sorted out in my head before I get there.

Cheers guys,
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    Never been to Glentress but Cannock has loads of them and a right PITA they are.

    Technique involves staying over to the outside of the corner for longer than you think, then cutting across. Do not lean the bike over and do not winch round the corner. Momentum, momentum, momentum.

    There is usually a bit of a berm on the outside which can be used to guide the front wheel in the right direction.

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    Ah well you could just take the black line out of that section if you want to avoid it ;) Weirdly I've got loads of video of Glentress but none of Hit Squad, hmm.

    Look where you want to got is the most important thing, and remembering to change when you reach the second one, just treat it like 2 corners. It's a fairly straightforward bit of trail ie no steps, nice surface so you can choose your own line rather than being funnelled.

    It's actually reasonably wide, and if you want to make the most room possible stay very wide, then cut across the trail so that you're back on the wide line for the second corner. People often cut hairpins in tight, like they're trying to hit a racing line/apex but that usually makes it steeper and harder.

    But tbh there's no magic to it. try and avoid hard braking- a wee bit of momentum will smooth you out, a wee bit of smooth back brake will control the speed but more importantly make you feel in control.
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    front brake, up onto the front wheel, pivot the back end round whilst its in the air. Simples.
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    Can we slap people who say simples please?

    My advice might be to lean the bike over around the corner, but not your body. Stand off the saddle, and tip the bike into the corner - this should help you keep your balance.
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    Just don't unclip and you'll make it through.
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    *AJ* wrote:
    front brake, up onto the front wheel, pivot the back end round whilst its in the air. Simples.

    Someones been watching too many 'euro' mtb videos :) bloody annoying when they are doing that every 20 seconds!

    That said, still a useful skill to be able to utilise