how to post wire bead tyres - fold them??

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have sold a set of gatorskins and need to send them . they are the wire bead gators. is it ok to fold them (they go into a figure of 8 and in to a smaller double circle) or will this damage them?




  • Mister W
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    Wiggle post them in an enormous box but if you haven't got one I wouldn't try folding them. Tape the tyres together and stick a big address label on them.
  • deffler
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    Dont fold them.

    I usually get a couple of big, strong wheelie bin liners and put the tyres in them. Ive posted 4 sets off tyres this way without any issues at all. For extra protection then wrap the package in brown gaffa tape :wink:

    Hope this helps
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  • Berk Bonebonce
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    A double twist like you explain is possible without damaging them.
  • Monty Dog
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    Yup - figure 8 twist and then doubling-over is fine
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  • mallorcajeff
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    if you round and round with buff tape I would think that would suffice then once covered 100% would be pretty ok I would think. (ex Parel force driver) delivered a few like this