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When im riding im struggling with keeping my feet on the peddles on rough stuff they seem to bounce off a lot.

I belive this is probably because im not keeping my legs bent and using them as shockers.

Has anyone got any tips as to how i can keep my legs more bent and how bent should they be ?


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    I would suggest at the knees is the best place. :lol:

    Dropping your heels helps as well, what shoes and pedals are you using?
  • theshrew
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    Im going to get some new peddles today gonna go for MG1's. Mine are really slippy. Also going to try some different shoes. I just have trainers at the moment.

    Dont think this should afftect my feet bouncing off tho ? or will it ?
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    I think it's not how bent should your legs be but how ready you are to absorb the impacts.
    Keep your body loose and let the bike move freely under you while maintaining yourself "static". This way your arms and legs will do most of the "shock absorbing" work.

    Or you could just go clipless, but that's been discussed to exhaustion and the bottom line is use what works best for you. :)
  • theshrew
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    Nooo way am i going clipless if i fall i wanna get my foot down lol
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    Pedal. Pedals.
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    theshrew wrote:
    Nooo way am i going clipless if i fall i wanna get my foot down lol
    If you only fall because your feet slip off the pedal...

    Believe it or not, you can remove your feet from spd's very quickly and easily, but to be honest I think you are better off getting used to keeping your feet on regular pedals before you try spd's.
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  • theshrew
    theshrew Posts: 169
    Thats what i was thinking my bike came with spd's but dont fancy trying them yet before i get more into riding etc
  • getonyourbike
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    dropping your heels helps and keeping your knees bent and ready absorb any shock.
  • I would try a good set of flat pledals like these ... -355-p.asp and a good set of flat sole shoes, skate or bike ones.

    keep your arms and legs slightly bent and "loose" so they take all the shock and feet on the pedals!

    Cheers Adam
  • bluechair84
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    Have you dropped your saddle? Consider putting it down 4 / 5 inches over rough terrain to allow you to drop your butt further, giving you a longer 'stroke' of travel out of your legs. Works best when going down long descents.
  • andy46
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    get some DMR V8's your feet won't slip off them, and if they do you'll only do it the once because they hurt!!

    I've even got some on my road bike (i'll get some stick for that i know) :lol:
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    At the risk of asking a stupid question, how far down should you keep your heels? I mean, I read it in a few places, but never know if you should have your heel slightly higher than your toe, have them totally level, or heel below your toes? :oops:
  • Just relax your legs, let the bike move around under you more, and have your heels just below the level of the pedal spindle.
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    Peddles :!:

    Anyway, it happens to all when they first start, forget it, you will not even notice when it ends.
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    theshrew wrote:
    Thats what i was thinking my bike came with spd's but dont fancy trying them yet before i get more into riding etc

    Just to clarify the point, you're not riding on SPD pedals without the shoes to go with them.... Are You?
  • I ride flat pedals on a hardtail and sometimes slip/ bounce off if the impact is hard, but this is more due to me not being ready for the impact. I've found by looking ahead, keeping my knees bent at a comfortable angle and my head and backside low down that i can deal much better with landing impacts and also ride more cleanly through tight corners. It is good to be able to jump off without unclipping in case you need to bail! I'll definitely vouch for that.