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Hi all,

I have been thinking about this for weeks and I'm still going round in circles so please help me.

I'm looking to get the groupset to finish my Cervelo R3 build at the end of the month. I had decided on Sram Red from Fudges. It is £999 although you get a Force BB, Force sprocket and chain. And I was going to go for the Force front mech as I have read they are stiffer than the Red one.

Now Fudges are doing a deal with Sram Force with Rotor 3D crank and Q rings for £899 and it is very tempting. I have always wanted to try the Q rings so this seems like a good option. I also prefer the look of the Force, I think the white and black suit each other better.

Or do I just go with standard Sram Force for £689?

I will be using the bike for racing in crits and a few sportives so I'm thinking Force would be better in case I damage shifters or mech in a crash as it would be cheaper to replace.

I have thought about this so much I'm driving myself mad. A week ago it was Red all the way, now I'm thinking Force with Rotor chainset :?
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    I'm a Campag man so can't help with SRAM but what are your wheels like?
    Can the extra saved be put towards that?
    Or just keep the extra you save from buying Force as a fund to buy new tyres/repairs etc that you might have to do if you're racing a lot?
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    If you're going to be racing crits then go with the cheaper option. Rival.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    If you're going to be racing crits then go with the cheaper option. Rival.

    And a cheaper frame, if you ride like I do.
  • Force w/ Rotor
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    Nap didn't you race with Red?? :wink:

    As much as I wish I could have a bike for the different types of riding I do the budget won't allow it. I will have a summer and a winter bike so I wanted my summer bike to be handle a wide range of events. I bought a second hand power tap so not going to be spending any more money on wheels lol.

    I am now leaning towards the force with rotor.
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    Back to Sram Red now :lol:

    Fudges have stopped doing the Force gruppo with rotor chainset.

    Also just signed up to Merlin VIP club and with the extra discount sram red is £900 :shock:
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