Another punture problem

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I've ruined 2 tyres in recent months where they've ripped on the seam type area after a puncture and I'm not entirely sure how/when. Am I being too forceful with my tyre levers? I took extra care last time to ensure it wasn't this. Or could I be riding at too high a pressure? Both occasions were instant blowouts. Could this burst a tyre wall?

Bit confused as never had this problem before but now done it twice in quick succession!


  • FunBus
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    Sounds like a bit of a strange one.

    It shouldn't be the pressure - anything up to 120psi shouldnt damage anything. Were the tyres old and was the bike stored in a damp shed etc, perhaps the sidewalls had started to perish?

    Also, when being careful not to be too forceful with the tyre, ensure you dont pinch the tube between the rim and the tyre causing a "snakebite" puncture. If this went under enough pressure it may rip a fragile tyre.

    There's quite a few varients in this, so i'm afraid i cant give a definitive answer....
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    if its a blow out you might have runover something. i rode between what looked like two clumps of mud in the dark and it turned out i clipped a rock and rented a hole in the wall fairly new winter tyre. im not buying another so soon ive just put a rubber sheet on the inside for now.