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Bought a 2010 Boardman Comp in January and I'm loving it, HOWEVER the state of the roads up here in North Tyneside is an absolute joke. Over the past 2 weekends I've had 3 puncture's on 4 rides ALL from pot holes.

I know it's my fault for hitting them but there are so many pot holes about it only takes a quick look at the computer/getting a bar from back pocket/taking a drink and bang, puncture.

When in LBS at weekend was looking at the Kevlar strips/armadillo's - would this help any or is there no hope other than to try and avoid hitting them?

Is there any point in getting in touch with the local council?


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    Were these "snake-bite" punctures?

    i.e. the inner looks like a snake has bitten it.

    If so you may need to inflate tyres to higher pressure, I suggest at least 100psi.

    But best to avoid the holes - comes with experience, although can be hard when boxed in riding fast in a group.
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    Not sure if they're 'snake-bite' puncture's, haven't looked at them to repair yet. I do try to run the pressure's @ around 100psi. Simply put: seconds after hitting pot holes the whole tyre is deflated.

    Just need to keep my head on a swivel. More annoying is the fact I've been commuting for over 2 years now and only ever had 1 puncture on the Sirrus, although the bigger tyre's probably help.
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    although the bigger tyre's probably help.

    Yes, that and sufficient pressure. You may want to try a wider tyre.

    How much do you weigh?

    I'm 95kg and run 115psi.
  • The state of the roads round where I live are awful too - often having to ride nearer the middle of the road sometimes to be safer. Car passing within inches of me back in Decembe forced me down a pothole by drain cover. There is a website that you can report potholes on and they feed it to the correct local authority I reported it and a month later it was fixed.....

    The site is also useful when you plan a route to see the state of the roads.
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    I ride a minimum of 25mm in winter. And look ahead of you. You shouldnt be forced into potholes by cars - you should have spotted it sooner.
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    Wrecked a £150 tyre on my car on a pothole last night, glad I didn't hit it on my bike as it would have done me a bit of damage as well as the bike - it was right in a normal cycling line too. They've been fixing the potholes around here as quickly as possible but more are cropping up than they can handle.
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    I've heard that the roads for the Northern Rock Cyclone will be filled by Northumberland council. I'm also in North Tyneside & the roads are rotten.
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    Potholes "fixed" but not repaired. As far as I can see the new technique is to dump a shovelful of blackstuff into the hole, give it a couple of wacks then on to the next. Life expectancy of repair - a couple of weeks tops. :(
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    im also in north tyneside and can also confirm the roads here are bloody awful
  • You should see Glasgow :D
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  • You should see Glasgow :D

    +1 million

    Roads here are a joke - even in affluent leafy suburbs like East Ren they resemble post-conflict Bosnia. I hit a water-filled pothole at 30mph+ on Sunday, no option to dodge as the holes straddled the entire lane. Instant snakebite & slightly distorted rim. Grrrr :evil:

    Repairs are equally laughable - a bucket of tar followed by a bucket of grit and a quick compacting - doesn't last even a week. In some cases I've seen them just dump grit into holes.

    Makes you wonder why we have nearly the highest council tax in Scotland.

    Oh, I forgot. NuLabour and the Banks wrecked the economy. B@stards.
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