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Newbie to forum - entering first 75 mile charity ride

pjeffe9172pjeffe9172 Posts: 5
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Hi everyone,

I purchased my road bike last May and qucikly realised after 5 miles how unfit I had become (having not ridden for approx 15 years)...I've gradually built myself up and quickly felt the improvements but have always wanted to enter a long distance charity ride to motivate me to push myself. On Saturday I saw an advert for a 75 mile ride around the Chilterns and have signed up with a friend of mine (who is much better than me and has completed London to Paris last year). Problem is it is only in 4 weekends time.

In preparation I thought I'd train by doing the first half of the route on the Sunday just gone. Albeit absolutely pouring down with rain, my shoes filling up with water I did 39 miles non stop in just under 3 hours. My legs began to ache going up some of the hills. My aim is to do the route again each week up to the event but increasing by 10 miles each time but I have a few questions:

1) Is this is a good training method?
2) Are there normally stop points on a ride of this length?
3) Any tips for riding that distance?

Any help advice or tips are gratefully received.


  • boggybrnboggybrn Posts: 29
    Four weeks is a veryshort time to prepare! However if you can already manage 39 miles then you may be able to just tough it out and make it to the end.

    Your plan of increasing the mileage weekly is sensible. Also do some mid week rides as any gains from a weekend ride will fade by the next weekend.

    In the last week take it easier - you need to recover ready for the big day.

    For these longer rides make sure that you eat & drink regularly. The thing most likely to stop you is runing out of fuel.

    Good luck for the big day - come back & let us know how it goes!
  • Thanks boggy - it is a veryshort time, but there's nothing I like more than a bit of pressure :D

    I've got a short but hilly 12 miler that I do at a rigrous pace during the week, so hopefully I can get there - just fingers crossed the rain holds off this weekend as riding through deep puddles on B roads gave me little confidence and wasn't the best motivator to carry on on Sunday :(

    I'll definately keep you posted on how I do - I know I'll have huge sense of achievement if I can pull this off!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Good luck ! I think you should be able to do it but do keep your energy up. Set a timer on your watch to beep every 20 mins to remind you to eat or have some energy drink.
  • Thanks for all the advice everyone. Just to let you know I managed the 75 miler today in 5 hours 47 minutes. I've spent the last few weeks gradually increasing my long weekend training rides up to 63 miles and today felt good.

    This has now set the benchmark and I know I can do 75 miles so may aim for my first century later on in the year.

    Thanks again.
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