Wheely need some help

mungry price
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I am having to replace my worn out wheels and need some advice, I have seen some Rolf prima aspin wheels :D are they for everyday use or just special occasions. I currently have mavic aksiums but they are worn out after two winters riding to work :( . If aspins are no good can you recommend a good all rounder for about £300. any help would be appreciated.


  • fleshtuxedo
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    Rolf wheels are pretty popular in the States, but not so in UK, so I think you might be taking a bit of a risk in terms of spares/support (I stand to be corrected here, not wishing to cast aspersions).

    For £300ish the obvious choice would be Shimano RS80, or for a bit less, pro Lite Bracciano.
  • pianoman
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    How about some FSA RD400's? I know the RRP is about £370 but they can often be had around the 300 mark. I replaced my battered Campag Vento wheels on my training bike with some RD-220's (the older, heavier version of the 400's) and actually like them more than my Vento's of old.

    Plus, you get 2 years warranty where many manufacturers only give 12 months, and if a spoke goes after the warranty runs out you can use many generic spokes on FSA wheels (same goes for many other manufacturers of course) whereas Mavic, Campag and other such companies charge up to £10 for a pair of the only type of spoke that fits their wheel.