Sorry another what £1000 bike

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I’m stuck and can’t decide so looking for some help.

I have a £1000 cycle to work cheque for Halfords, I was holding out for a boardman but it’s looking like the £1000 one is going to be alu with 105 all round. Therefore, I’m looking around although this is still a consideration. It’ll have to be good as IMO they’re a bit dull. (No 2010 xl's left so that's not an option).

The bike will be mainly used on my commute with some longer rides etc.

So options;

Felt - ... e-ec024380 - 105 all round and looks to me to be a decent spec. And, it looks good which is important, well to me anyway.

Fuji - ... e-ec026236 - similar spec to above from what I can see, looks good but I’m not sure this is available through Halfords (will check tomorrow)

Cannondale - ... e-ec025340 - Bit dull looking IMO but with the carbon back end, possibly it’s the better bike?

Specialized - ... e-ec025006 again, a bit dull, not sure on the SRAM gear, never really tried it although I’ve heard only good things.

Another Cannondale - ... e-ec025287 - anything like the CAAD 9 of last year then I’m sure this will be good.

Sorry for the long post but I appreciate people opinions.




  • Another, the Dolan Mythos. I think its looks a bit dull but it's carbon. I can't help think it's a bit of a comprimise to get the carbon frame with the rest of the kit on it.
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    Hi Cramman

    You've probably already realised that the legendary "can of worms" has been opened when you ask for opinions about selecting a bike in the £1K (or any) price bracket.

    You will no doubt get advocates for all of those you list and a few additional suggestions. As is often said - try to get a ride on as many of your bike options as possible and go with what feels right for you.

    I also have a suggestion to add to your list (see what I mean!!!) following recent reviews in Cycling Weekly and Cycling Active. What about the new Ribble Sportive Bianco. If you look at the spec on the link below, the basic bike starts at around £860 but you can vary the spec to get a 105 groupset for around the £1000 mark. ... BRC&bike=1

    Not sure if Ribble participate in the Cycle to Work scheme but it's worth a thought.
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    And also Evans dont expect Cycle to Work Vouchers
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    And also Evans dont expect Cycle to Work Vouchers

    Aye, I was just using Evans for specs etc as Halfords don't show anything other than their normal stock.
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    Ribble take Cycle to Work and you can get the New Sportive with Tiagra Compact for £996.95 (without doing a deal!). Top bike.
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    I'd have look at the KHS Flite 500, got mine from here,
    Its a fantastic bike not had a roadie for a long time.
    A ton of spec on the bike for the money ... duct&p=584
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    Cycling plus mag has a bike of the year feature in this months edition. For less than £1k they are recommending Cube.

    I have had a cannondale caad 8 for past 5 years, it's a great bike