Assos Bargain

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  • I was in there the other day and they have 25% off all clothing
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    Hmm, looks cheap but a bit too cheap to me. The site looks like it's been set up in a hurry and it runs slower than a very slow thing indeed. Alarm bells ringing.
  • mcrdave
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    Although they have the shoes I've been looking everywhere for, hmmm, run the risk!???
  • mcrdave
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    Apparently they're round the corner from me in Chorley, I may well pay them a visit as I'm off half day on Wednesday.

    Will keep you posted how I get on.
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    I called into this shop this morning as its only 20 mins away. It looks a bit tatty from the outside but they have loads of bikes and gear inside.

    I got two tops with 25% off and had a good natter with the staff.

    My cyclescheme finishes in Sept and if I decide to go down that route again I will certainly consider using this shop.

    Cheers Stuart.
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    They are a well established business, well known in the area
  • formerly charnock richard cycles. as i said earlier they have 25% off all clothing. i bought my last bike from them and they owner is very hands on. He spent a good half hour with me setting the bike up to fit me.
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    All sounds legit then just the website not doing them any favours!