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Hi I am contemplating purchasing a willier izoard shortly and would be grateful if anybody out there has any knowledge on the maximum weight limit. I am 210 lbs. Any feedback would be much appreciated, as the manufacturers do not appear to publish this info.
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  • twoodley
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    I am currently 20lb heavier than you and have not broken my carbon cannondale yet.
    I think wheels are more sensitive to weight than frames are. As before I have not broken my Shimano 10's yet, and they do not have very many spokes.
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    95kg isn't super bad

    There are various things that are supposedly sensitive to heavier riders

    -Low spoke count cheap wheels
    -saddle rails
    -narrow tires- less than 23mm
    -any "lightweight" component

    No one ever mentions the frame. Specialized and Trek don't mention a weight limit on their frames. Dunno about Wilier

    I am 183cm tall and weigh 82kg. The bike I have is 10.5kg and I ride long distance with some luggage 5kg so the all up weight isn't far off what you might get with no luggage

    I use 36 spoke rear/32 spoke front handmade wheels with 25mm tyres but that is more as I do long distance in combination with my weight
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    Frames have always tended to be overdesigned so as to accomodate heavy people out there. Most exceed EN standards by huge margins.

    Wheels is where it matters.
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    Don't forget though that carbon becomes fragile in the wet, so don't ride in the rain and expect your frame to live.


    Carbon's strong stuff. You don't need to worry about your weight and the frame. Look out for wheel flex though.
  • Thanks u guys appreciate your comments. A little concerned about the fragile nature of the carbon in the wet considering the somewhat dismal weather conditions we experience in are fair country. But feel more comfortable with the frame strenght.
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    Hi Chris im your man click my sig pic and you will see my new wilier Izoard 2010 great bike and no probs with me at just under 18 stone mate. Fulcrum 3s hold up very well too no wheel rub when out the saddle climbing either.
  • I did hear that Bernie Ecclestone was thinking of cancelling all of the Grands Prix that are held when it is raining.....

    What a load of B******s!

    Carbon fibre is not affected by the weather otherwise every bike with carbon forks would be affected too.

    But I am pretty sure that Nuggs was joking.

    It worries me that some people will read things like that and really believe it!
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    I'm 220lbs and have just returned from riding my carbon CR-1 across the pave (cobbles) of Flanders in the p!ssing rain and guess what, the frame neither broke or melted.
    Carbon fibre is used for all manner of things for the very good reason that it is bloody strong!
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    The frame will be fine but some carbon seatposts have weight limits...i think you will be ok at 210lbs though
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    The frames will stand up to loads of weight. However, the wheels might not especially on a pot-holed infested UK streets. Look for stronger wheels and think about 25mm tyres to help cushion a bit.

    Also, you need to check out any weight restrictions on seat posts and pedals.
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  • mallorcajeff
    What a great looking piece of kit. In my humble opinion willier are the most asthetically looking bike on the market. Having a test ride this wkd on the xp veloce not the same spec as your beauty but good enough for a newbie who has come back to cycling after a 25 year absence. Bought a specialized secteur this time last year but already have ocd. This will be my first carbon bike, is there a significant difference in ride quality in your opinion. Oh and thanks for your views.
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  • night_porter
    Hi there. that was the same question i posed to myself ref motor racing. Being a newbie I believed the threads about rain affecting the carbon, how naive of me. So that's totally untrue then.
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    Hi Chris, there are some leg pullers and quite a range of ongoing 'jokes' here, don't worry mate you will soon get in the know.....

    And at worst you can always complain to Wiggle :lol:

    (that's another ongoing 'funny' that is often added to many threads in one form or another)
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    Hi Chris
    I knowe what you mean about OCD well Im a newbie returning after about 25 years too maybe were living a parallel life? I hope for your sake your not! Mine great i love it, Mine is a 2010 and reading on the web its an early one as they were meant to come with alu Components and Fulcrum 5 but i got 3s and carbon gears etc as the factory run out of stock of parts on the early models so was a result althoguh i bought mine second hand. Ive just bought a set of cosmic carbones to see if there is much difference between the fulcrum 3 (probably not) but I admit i like the look of them. Im on the 5th bike since august when i started and this is a keeeper. it looks great gets lots of looks here in mallorca and lets be honest here there is every type and level of bike going. Ride quality I love the ride very smooth and light and when you put the power down i really notice the difference from my cube agree pro that I had before (still got it need to sell it really) What i woudl say and its personal pref but my cube hads ultega the wilier has a centaur campag and to be honest its not a patch on ultegra for smoothness, I know thats personal pref but It just does not operate as smooth. If i had the choice to buy again i would go with shimano put it that way. As a bike you will not be disapointed at all and I amaze myself everytime i go out on it even for a fat bloke. If you want any pics or info let me know I ve have loads.