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Fitting a KMC chain to a 10sp campag groupy

evilollieevilollie Posts: 148
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Up until now i have had campag chain for my groupset, and i find the fitting ok , however i have seen kmc chains with the missing link and think this will benefit me for cleaning etc

now im gonna be really thick , how do you fit these out the packet, do you have to measure then cut , then fit the missing link ?

any kmc owners clarify for me, before i shell out

I apologise for a censored questions , just a bit stuck at the moment




  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 335
    i use the kmc 10 speed campag quick links on campag chains, no problem. all you do is split your chain and replace one of the wider links with the quick link. ie, your chain should have a hole at each end, rather than a hole at one end and a pin at the other.
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  • So how does the missing link integrate with a split chain , I guess you would have to remove a link so the overall length is the same ??
  • If somebody could talk me through it from normal chain split to missing link installation I would appreciate it . Sorry for being a numpty
  • 'Link' is probably the wrong word. KMC missing link is actually half a link, ie. two outer plates that replace two you take from your chain and throw away.

    Removal is easier with the special pliers.
  • Ah right . , so basically I split my chain remove a link , then each plate is thread through each end of the chain then joined together
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,965
    1. split chain
    2. remove the OUTER half link
    3. fit KMC Missing Link

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  • thanks
  • evilollieevilollie Posts: 148
    Picked up a missing link today , yeah it was as easy as your 3 step advice,

    Cleaning the chain is so easy now , I think my next investment is an ultrasonic cleaner when I spy one in lidl or aldi

    Thanks again
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