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Mountain Mayhem - looking for a team

nicrgnicrg Posts: 17
edited February 2011 in XC and Enduro
Mounatin Mayhem entries open at midnight tonight.

No-one in the group of riders with whom I normally get together is able to make it this year. So here I am all on my tod & looking for a place on a 4-man team.

So, anyone hoping to enter a team but doesn't heve a full complement of riders yet? Let me know if you need someone.

I'm planning to ride both Bristol 12-hour & Bontrager 24/12 solo, so really dont fancy the idea of doing MM solo in the middle of these.

Would still love to ride MM however, as it is always a good atmosphere.

Looking for a team that is going to give it a bit of welly, ride right through the night irrespective of the conditions, but is also up for a good laugh.

I'm based in Bristol by the way.

Get in touch if you have a place spare.

Cheers, Nic.
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