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Is Eurosport Player worth getting?



  • Todays Paris-Nice has tipped it for me, I must get British Eurosport, however I live out in the sticks in Wales with a poor broadband (approx 0.5 Mb/s) what's my best alternative? sign up to Sky proper and get a dish? any help much appreciated.
  • TusherTusher Posts: 2,762
    Having lived for many years in an area when we had to bounce a rebro signal off another rebro and then lead it to the house in a Heath Robinson fashion (AND pay for a TV licence for the pleasure) and had an internet connection that was dire, I would opt for the actual dish.
  • ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
    Daniel B wrote:
    I thought I would resurrect this thread instead of starting a new one.

    I too am after a method of watching some of the tours, and also the track championship in the winter months, and avidly do not want to subscribe to Sky.

    If you are in an area than can get it why not go for Virgin Media? I upgraded to a Tivo box before Christmas and am pleased with it. I can record 2 channels at the same time - which I was hoping to do for P-N and T-A but they seem to be following this year!!
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  • yenrodyenrod Posts: 135
    I reckon you should be ok.....

    BUT (from FAQ's)

    Eurosport Player is the home of Eurosport TV online. Watch live streaming of Eurosport's channels on your computer.
    Subscribing to Eurosport Player offers you unlimited access to Eurosport's channels within the territory you are connecting from.

    Watch selected channels live online
    Watch videos on demand at a time that suits you.
    Watch events such as tennis, snooker, and wintersports with bonus live feeds
    Eurosport Player also includes:

    The ability to watch up to 3 channels simultaneously using the multiplex function.
    An high-quality online viewing experience.
    User-friendly Eurosport Player website.
    Access from 70 countries.
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  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    I've gone for the monthly sub and it's playing out good so far.
    Quality via hdmi to the TV is pretty good and altho not on super fast broadband, its coping well.
    I got slightly fed up with the freeebie casts with their iffy quality and pop up ads.
    The only slight minus is that Silverlight not ready for Android... and I have my doubts that Microsoft are going to bother with a version, seeing as Google is getting to be quite a competitor.... any techhead with an inside track?
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