DMR Singlespeed Sprocket Problem

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Does anyone here use the DMR STS singlespeed conversion kit?

I've bought one for my singlespeed project but I've found that the chain doesn't fit properly on the sprocket. It feels as though the chain is too small!
I've re-checked the CRC advert for the kit and it states that it'll fit 8 or 9 speed chains and I'm trying it with my 9 speed so it should work.

Has anyone had this problem with the kit?


  • nicklouse
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    pictures of your set up.
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  • WisePranker
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    nicklouse wrote:
    pictures of your set up.

    There's not really anything to show on a photo, basically the chain is extremely tight on the sprocket and has to be forced onto it so it wouldn't be rideable.

    I'm going to get in touch with CRC and see if they've had this problem before and if so I think I'll just get a refund and go for a Superstar kit instead.