Decisions decisions decisions....

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New to road biking - well - haven't actually started, except for the odd excursion on my aged mtb with slicks.

Now torn between getting a full road bike, a cyclocross bike, or an in-betweener (tricross). I have back and neck problems, but I can live with a wee bit pain if it gets me fitter in general. Have about £1000 to spend (I'll tell the misus its half that of course) and been looking at:

Planet X Carbon Pro.
Cube CX.
Specialized Tricross 2010.

Each different, but what with the condition of the roads round my way (Central Scotland), the accessibility of two canal towpaths and quiet back roads, I'm hedging towards the latter two choices. I can get the Tricross for a bargain-ish price, but not sure about sizing (but LBS has 2011 examples which I'll get measured on), the other two I've no idea about sizing.

Anyone got any opinions on which would suit a newbie like me best?

Oh, and I'm an unfit 54 year old, 5' 10" (but appear to be shrinking) who is looking to get fit, and lose some weight......hopefully.