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MTB route near to Hagg Lane Mirfield

brewery yardbrewery yard Posts: 2
edited March 2011 in Routes
Hi, just got back into biking after 6 years away, bought my new bike last week - A Cube AMS Pro 125 RX, and want to get out riding asap. I know there are some routes that are close to Dewsbury golf club, but can anyone send me a pdf of the route. I live in Fenay Bridge, so if anyone has some routes over that way, I would appreciate that also. :D


  • daveaasmithdaveaasmith Posts: 223
    Hey fella.

    My usual ride drops down Back Lane, onto Hagg Lane and through Liley Wood - past where Camira used to be. I've got the route on Garmin/pdf/GoogleEarth as required.

    I usually get out on Wednesday eves (depending on kids) - do you (or do you hope to ) get out midweek for a night ride? Can sort a ride if you're up for it, and your fitness is getting there after 6 years out of the saddle?!!??

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