Help! - any good family friendly rides North West??

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Does anyone know any good family friendly rides in the North West - Im trying to get my kids into cycling with me.


  • Hi,

    Great idea - I really need to do the same!!

    try the liverpool chester bike ride - they have a few different distances to chose from so you could find one to suit your kids. they also have a cycle show which kids always seem to enjoy!!

    Cycle Sunday Family ride also looks pretty good - that's aimed at families so should be perfect

    hope that helps, and enjoy!! :)
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    If your in the Chester area check out,

    There are links on there for rides in the area that may suit.

    How old are your kids? Confident on the road or do you want more cycle path type rides?
  • Delamere is a nice day out ... ... nfd-5k2bt9 or just into north Wales not far from Wrexham ...
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    I was going to recommend Delamere as well. That's a great place to cycle around.

    Where do you live and how old/capable are the kids?

    I live in Monton in Eccles and we're lucky to have the disused railway line that takes you off-road on a very gentle incline for miles. There are lots of loops that take you through Worsley Woods and along the canals.
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    As NFMC I'm from Monton as well and the old railway line he mentions is an excellent ride for kids..

    I regularly (admittedly not so much in the crappy weather.. Bad parent I know!!) take my 3 down there, it was part of a Sky Ride last year which took you upto Blackleach park and my two eldest (9 & 8 at the time) loved it and I ended up doing a similar route with all of them and one of their friends..

    So if you see a hot n bothered dad with a little un on a trailgator muttering about speedy kids that'll be me!! :lol:

    Oh the canal upto worsley's not too bad, bit narrow in places, only took the eldest 2 up there for now but plan to take them all up and see how far you can get as I know they've been clearing/upgrading the tow paths along sections of the Bridgewater.

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  • Some Great ideas! Never thought about Delamere forest, looks like a great place to take the kids! there 6 and 8 years so will be a change and a nice day out.

    I had a quick google at the cycle sunday event - looks quite good - trying to get them into it so a fun day like that might just sway them to keep at it. :D