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Hi, wondering if anyone had any thoughts/experiencs on Focus bikes and in particular the Cayo 105? I was originally going to buy a Ribble but they have sold out of my frame size and won't get them till May (mid-Feb seems a bit early to sell out of 2011 stock already?!). I'm therefore tempted by the Focus Cayo 105 but don't know a lot about them.

Any good or bad experiences/reviews for that matter would be appreciated

Many thanks


  • redvision
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    brilliant bikes!
    love my cayo to bits. excellent value for money and the ride is excellent (comfortable, fast, smooth and responsive)

    have focus confirmed who is selling them this year though?
  • Hi, thanks good to know, really like the look of them and now just justifying the cost to myself!

    Well the Cayo 105 2011 seems to be on Wiggle, and a couple of other models are there as well from what I think is 2011 range? Were they changing from the wiggle arrangement then do you know?
  • redvision
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    i imagine wiggle will probably get the rights again but as yet i dont think its been confirmed.

    you wont regret getting the cayo!
  • Very happy with my Cayo 105. Blinged it a bit with some RS80s, carbon bars and a toupe saddle - great!
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    You won't regret buying a Cayo.

    An excellent frameset.
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    Beautiful bike, stiff, comfy and fast when u put the power down.
    Service from wiggle is always good and size guides pretty accurate.

    Not a bad thing to say really, and as meanredspider says above, u can always add the bling for it to be a real looker :D:D

    When I got mine, I got the team edition with SRAM force, DT Swiss wheels, etc... and, at the time it was an awesome purchase!! :D:D

    Wiggle did a 30day money back trial if u dont like the bike too (full refund) which u will not get at any LBS, but at the cost of not using a LBS. ??if they are still doing this??

    Go for it, let us know what u get :D:D
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    I've not ridden one but a good mate of mine has 2 Cayo's (with 105) and is very happy with them both, only thing he changed was the wheels.

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    As others have said, they are really really good bikes and specs for the money
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    Got the MILRAM from last year, fantastic bike. I have not regretted buying it
  • Thanks for all the replies, fairly new to this so it's appreciated that people do post their thoughts (good and bad), fairly settled on the Cayo 105 now so going to take the plunge I think!
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    I ordered the 2011 Ultegra spec Cayo 2.0 way way back in November from Wiggle and the little b*stard is yet to arrive! There are plenty of alternatives I have been looking at- Pinarello FP2 105 being one of them, but I have hung in there for the Cayo based purely on the positive reviews from last year's model. The only problem is that every time I ring them, they say it's due for delivery this week, then it doesn't arrive so I ring them again next week and they say the same! There is only so much longer I can really hold that money in my current account!

    Based on what you have all said though, it is worth the wait.