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MapleLeafMapleLeaf Posts: 22
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Hi, Just starting out to build my first hardtail. I'm on a bit of a budget and have just ordered a Kinesis Maxlight XC2 frame which was relatively cheap as it was last years frame on offer. I'm now looking at forks and a headset. I suppose I'm looking for the cheapest and lightest options for the headset and forks. I probably don't want to spend too much more than around £200 on the forks. I also believe that the maxlight frame takes a 'standard' 1 1/8" headset. I would be grateful for any advice.




  • i'll put a link on the end for an ideal headset thats cheap sealed and decent which is the sunline v2 which is on ebay for £12 pounds :O im unsure about forks though maybe some marzhocchi's? ... _672wt_698
    why you lookin at this it isn't that amazing
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    TBH headsets are all pretty much the same unless you are looking for maximum bling.

    Forks? Well Rock Shox have a fork for every day of the year but Toras are generally robust and workmanlike (if a little heavy +5lbs for a steel stanchion/steel steerer Solo Air) or you might consider some Recon Golds or Marzocchi RLO 44s. Worth a look on Merlin for some surplus OE forks, just make sure the steerer hasn't been cut down too much.

    I would also be extremely wary of aspirational middle-ground forks which have lots of features combined with low weight. Although they appeal to the racer in all of us, they are IME quite twangy if you are a big or agressive rider and it's not until you start spending several £100 that you get features, light weight and stiffness.
  • Cool, the Sunline headsets are very cheap. I have been looking at the Marzocchi forks, but I had it mind that I was going for 100mm travel forks so was therefore looking at the Marzocchi Marathons. What should determine what travel to go for? Also, am I correct in thinking I will have to cut the fork stem to size myself?
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    The Maxlight is designed to work with a 90-120 mm fork.

    You will have to cut the fork steerer but it's not difficult just use a fine-toothed hacksaw and take care. Measure twice (or in my case at least five times) and cut once. If at all unsure, leave it a little longer (like a few cm) and then you can always put spacers above/below the stem and trim the steerer afterwards when you are sure the height is OK.
  • OK, excellent. Thanks for your advice.
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