upgrading from sora - advice needed

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recently needed to upgrade the bb on my bike as it was grinding and on its death bed, took the chance to hunt around and grab myself a new chainset that i had been after and got a bargain ultegra sl bb and chainset for £50.

so now the upgrade bug has me and im looking at replacing the rest of my sora stuff (shifters, rear mech, front mech, cassette). money is an issue and think im looking more at 105 than ultegra.

question is, if i start getting bits here and there can i add them to my current set up as i go ? basically i think i can get a rear mech, front mech and cassette for around 50-60 which is pretty good, so could i just install those onto my bike now and use with my sora shifters ? currently im using an 8 sp cassette but i would be looking at going to 10sp with the new set up. if the sora shifters dont work with a 10 speed cassette could i still install the 105 front and rear mechs and then once ive saved up enough for the shifters i can then add those and the cassette ?

apologies if its a stupid question but im still pretty new to all this !


  • Keep the groupset and upgrade your tyres and wheels in that order. Then the FRAME and finally the groupset. Groupsets DONOT make you faster or the ride better and should be the LAST upgrade
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    not looking to ride faster or better, just wanting to change some well used worn parts. ive already upgraded tyres to continental 4000s and the wheels and frame are fine.
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    I'm going to upset DTR.

    I moved to a 10 speed drive train from 7 speed, and it has made cycling more enjoyable. Even though I'm still on a 12-27, the right gear is easier to find, and I'm rarely between gears.

    It's also nice to be rid of the Sora thumb scraper.
  • Yes, you can run the 105 rear derailer with the sora levers with no problems. I would hold off using the fron derailer until you install the 10 speed chain and cassette though as it is narrower and you will probably get more chain rub when using an 8 speed chain.
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