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silly question

The-Rusted-ClusterThe-Rusted-Cluster Posts: 13
edited March 2011 in The bottom bracket
but does anyone in here smoke? keen cyclists i mean?


  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    Non smoker for 24 years - had to, couldn't get the ashtrays on the bike. :wink:
  • I used to off and on, not had one for about a year now, but even when I did it was usually only a couple a day (a 'yeah, go on then' when the missus nipped out for one), any more and I would start to feel the effects when cycling.
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 2,058
    Never had a puff. Can't see the point, really! :?
  • DCowlingDCowling Posts: 769
    used to, quit last January and got into cycling
  • neilo23neilo23 Posts: 860
    Yeah, but I'm not exactly using the bike much at the mo and am not exactly a picture of good health. I let myself go for a bit, pick myself up, let myself go. Managed 2 years off the fags, started again, went another 2 months, started again. I hate the things and hate the fact that I'm too weak willed to stop. Do you smoke then?
  • yeah, i smoke, had 5 year off, started again last july, i was off the bike then and ballooned to 18 stone 4, i had hip problems, a hip resurfacing i had wasnt feeling to good when i was on the bike so in all ive 1.5 years off the bike. Now im 16 stone, got myself a new road bike ( verenti kilmeston ) which seems a nice bike for the money. I went out for a short 30 min ride on sunday morning and i thought my lungs were gonna pop oot. Ive got quite a hill to climb now to get off these bloody awful things lol
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