is this worth the money?

Ray magini
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just spotted this, anybody got one? whats it worth?


  • Mister W
    Mister W Posts: 791
    Looking at the picture it's all cheap and nasty stuff. Bottom of the range MTB groupset with downtube shifters, quill stem, cheap wheels. If you just want something to get to the shops and back then it will probably do the job but I doubt it'll ever be a pleasure to ride.
  • They are amazing bikes, if you look back to this years "best bike under £1500" catagory, it came out the winner, over much better bikes like the SuperSix 105 etc.

    I think alot more people will buy these once they see Tescos own team using that exact bike on this years TDF.

    I would buy niow, before they add another 0 onthe end of the price!
  •'s a 1.1lbs heavier than my full suss MTB!
  • nochekmate
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    Just don't do it - you can pick up a secondhand bike that will be infinitely better for £250

    Just got my brother a Bianchi Via Nirone C2C for £275 - Ok only Campag Xenon groupset and fairly basic wheelset but for only £100 more, I know which one I'd sooner buy and it wouldn't get me any clubcard points either!