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Dangerous Metallic Grey L Reg Peugeot 306 - Dorking

JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
edited February 2011 in The bottom bracket
I was shunted down the road today by a 40 something man wearing what looked like a black security guard uniform.
He'd driven up behind us revving his engine, got within inches of my back wheel, revving his engine. He then dropped back, gunned his engine and accelerated at us, skidded up behind me and hit my back wheel.
Fortunately I didn't come off and the handbuilts appear to have survived. Judging by the way his bumper was rattling immediately after hitting me, I'd wager he has a black mark on it.
He'd done something to a couple of Thames Turbo guys behind us, who had also called it in to the police.
He pulled alongside as I was dialling 999, and said: "I've had enough of you bikers", then drive off down Knoll Road.
Not heard anything further, so presumably he's still out there unchallenged by the authorities.
This happened on the bottom end of Coldharbour Lane by Knoll Road.


  • -spider--spider- Posts: 2,548
    You did get the Reg No..?

  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    It was called in at the time, but since then I've forgotten what it was (no pen and paper). I suppose, with hindsight, I could have programmed it in to the 'phone. I've got a vague memory of what it was.
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