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TREK FUEL project (wip)

nomako_mannomako_man Posts: 66
edited February 2011 in Your mountain bikes
A little project i decided to undertake (mainly out of boredom)
2011-02-16 13.09.41 by samtuplin, on Flickr

2011-02-26 20.34.41 by samtuplin, on Flickr


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Square brackets, and 'URL' tags.
  • it's ok i hit the wrong button!
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    It's looking a lot nicer, I quite like the idea of a very short rear travel xc bike as it's like a hardtail but it will feel better when it gets rough.

    Good luck for the rest of the project!
  • thanks jay

    new shock should be here before the end of the job is to work out how to remove the lowers on the Ronin's :shock:
  • I just sold one of these frames in order to buy its big brother the ex8.

    Check out my trek fuel 90 project on the forum, deep int here somewhere.

    Very agile bikes and VERY quick.

    Would make a perfect budget race bike with the right parts.

    Keep an eye out for the carbon rear triangle from a 98 or even better the whole from fram the higher spec model (100?)
    The Frog: Lapierre Zesty 214 2010 - Upgraded - W.I.P
  • it's not gettin a lot more spent on it....its just gunna be for enduros, doesnt need to be anything special as my left knee may prove not to be up to the task...if it is however i could end with something special like my old tt bike which i miss dearly (uber rare c4 crono)
  • Nice, it's certainly comfy enough for enduros ill give you that!

    I will mention, keep an eye on the bushings in the pivots, theyre a buggar and a bad idea on treks behalf in my opinion. I believe them to be hard to find new ones too!

    What is it the new rockshox is? a shock or fork?

    I removed a recon race 100mm from mine which i thought teamed beautifully!
    The Frog: Lapierre Zesty 214 2010 - Upgraded - W.I.P
  • got a 165mm sid xc rear shock on the way for it, adds a couple mm but it will go in nicley and steepen things up a bit, got Magura Ronin 110's on the front so its guna be a short/mid travel cruiser to go with my 456 bruiser 8)
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