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Formula brake pad screw

scandalousgscandalousg Posts: 121
edited February 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
I exerted a bit too much pressure today and have rounded out the bolt that holds in the brake pads on my Formula The Ones.

Is this what I need as a replacement?


  • Can't get your link to work but if its the same as the one with the 'e' clip here then yes. Bee good to double check though as it looks like they changed wich end the thread is on around 08.
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  • Thanks dude, the thread on mine is different to the one on chain reaction, but looks similar to the one on the formula site. I'll email ten for advice.
  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    those screw are just fancy version of M3 allen bolts - dunno what price you are looking at but you could buy one at a fraction of the rpice and then modify it to take the e-clip. (bth I have some 2mm e-clips shold you need one).

    Cheapest would be to use allen bolt of same length but it will be threaded most of the way or else buy a longer one so it has same length shank (the untrheaded bit) as the one you are replacing and saw it down to size.

    These little brake items are stupidly priced.

    Also check brake pad kits - some come with springs and the bolts, some not - you may be in luck
  • Cheers 02GF74. The ones that are in there at the moment have thread all the way along anyway.

    I'm not up with bolts, I take it the M3 is the diameter and they then come in different lengths?
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