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Ive just bought a new bike :D and sold my Cube :( but I need to post it to surrey. Anyone know of a decent postal service for reasonable price?

Just seen paisley freight at £21.50

Also this is my first time, do I need to package it somehow?



  • I've never posted a bike myself but I would package it up how you would like to receive it then you can't go far wrong.

    Also if you take extra steps in packaging it eliminates the fear of damage during transportation.
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    Please look on ebay there is a company that advertise as bike couriers, they are called paisley freight and collect and deliver in england, i have used them a couple of times they charge about £25 but look after the bikes and deliver the next day.
  • Parcel2go is another alternative that I've seen recomended in the past.

    As for packaging, Ask your LBS nicely if they have a spare bike box & they'll probably just give you one. Then its just a case of packing the bike securely & bobs your uncle.
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  • Used Paisley freight a week ago - no probs and next day delivery for just over £20. Hard to beat. :wink:
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    Yes if you want it to get to the other side unwrecked
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  • Parcel monkey for £7... but thats un insured.

    Edit: insurance can be added as necessary.