Lapierre Sensium 100

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Has anyone ridden a 2011 Lapierre Sensium 100? Ive been offered one for a very reasonable price but no-where around me stocks them. I've had a look at the geometry and it looks a bit unusual with a long head tube but also a long top tube and reasonably aggressive angles. Any feedback would be great!


  • Can't help with the 2011 bikes, but I have a 2009 S-Lite 300 which (AFAIK) is the same frame (albeit different bits - mine is Ultegra / Ritchey / Mavic). I've no complaints about it at all - it fits me very well (the 52 has a 55 top tube - although I found the standard 11cm stem a wee bit too long), I find it pretty comfortable (once I changed the saddle), sure-footed on steep decents and light enough going uphill.

    I suppose it is a Gallic take on a Spec. Roubaix but (in the UK at least) with considerablly more rarety value. I've never seen a Lapiere on the road in the UK; France is a different story, though.

  • While I havent a sensium, I do have a lapierre tech 9, also a full monocoque, which dates from about 2006. The bike hasn't had much use or been abused, or an allen key ever gone near it. Recently I noticed a small crack in the seat tube extending down from the front derailleur (band on) clamp. I took it to lbs who supplied it and we removed it and saw the clamp had left an imprint in the seat tube as well. Pics were emailed to the wholesaler who forwarded them to lapierre. I have been told it is cosmetic, but they will do me a deal on a sensium frame.

    While it is just my opinion, after my experience I would prefer a braze on front derailleur with a full carbon frame.