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Custom JBC freak "er" hybrid bike

jbchybridriderjbchybridrider Posts: 7
edited February 2011 in Your road bikes
G'day all.
I built this bike because when i ride my road bike it upset's a bone spur in my shoulder, mtb have been kind to me.
I tried to import a boardman hybrid pro or ridgeback to australia with no succsess.
This is better it has a
JBC carbon 1030 gram frame.
Cyclocross carbon fork.
29er wheels.
Compact road crank (doesent technically fit but got it working)
Total weight is 7.9kg it fits in many catagory's but i put it here :)
Custom JBC hybrid
Pinarello F3-13
Scott P1 sportster


  • Karl2010Karl2010 Posts: 511
    It looks nice.
    It's unique and interesting.
  • Just needs hub gears to be my dream city bike. Very nice!

    Edit: Oh, and mudguards/pannier.

    And anti-idiot lasers.
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