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Hi everyone.
Where to start.... I used to love mountain biking. Very rare a day didn't go by where i didn't go out. As i got a little older the usual happened, beer, women and cars (not necessarily in that order)
The bike ended up being covered with junk in the back of the garage.
I go to the gym to stay fit but it simply is not enough and can be boring, and i know when i do go out again i will realise how unfit i am!

I want to get back in to mountain biking. Really want to learn new tricks, maybe a bit of freestyle and down hill riding.

The main problems are none of my mates are interested, so i want to meet new people to go riding with. I live in Leeds so i have fairly good access to the Dales, Lakes etc. the bike is a hard tail GT Zaskar from around late 90's in immaculate condition but i just can't help but feel that it won't cut it now a days.

Basically i need some advice. I am so out of the loop now with all this that i am practically a beginner.

Do i update the bike, is it even possible or worth updating?
Do any of you live near Leeds or at least Yorkshire?
Should i get to somewhere like Chevin Cycles who teach bike maintanance?

bla bla bla

Soooo many questions!

Anyway be great to hear from you all and i appreciate the advice


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    Take a look in Rides - I'm sure there will be some people in your area to join up with, go riding then decide.
    You might also like to have a look at old Zaskars are well loved.
    Whether it will cut it depends on the riding you want to do. It will do most things well enough to have fun on, and give you a chance to decide what to do.

    And welcome back.
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    late 90 Zaskar is a trick bike and will cut it. Don't worry about what the mags say you "need" for riding .
    I'm running a 100mm hardtail so your taskar should be fine with the 80-100mm you have . If you have V brakes they will be fine too just get some good pads on them .

    I'm building up two XC bikes for next year and am contemplating if i should run them with V's or discs myself .