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Riding in Canada (specifically ontario)

raymenrhraymenrh Posts: 53
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I was wondering whether anyone has had experience of riding any awesome trails in Ontario Canada.

I'm a luck old get and have booked my first ever tickets on a flight (I've not lived) to go see my cousin who lives in Orillia (just above Toronto) later this year and want to get in a couple of rides when I'm out there..... well it'd be rude not too :lol: .

I've done a little bit of research and there is the Blue Mountain Resort just on the doorstep (With vids at Pinkbike). I've also heard of this uber cool place to ride with trails named Porcupine Ridge and Santa's villiage (yes, silly name - but it's a rock up and ride opposite a santas villiage). Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec is about (ish) an 8 hour journey, so if I can get there somehow, that might be a possible area too. There are a couple of good sounding generic rock up and ride lengthy XC trails about too in ontario.

I know I've seen a canadian 'ride here' trails list of all the provinces in a mag, but I couldn't remember which mag or which issue. Oh and as this first visit isn't a 'proper' biking hol, I'm going to have to hire rides out there as an NB.

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