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Reba travel problem

stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
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Got a 2009 Reba fork (the one with post mounts). It was originally set for 100mm travel but I serviced it and removed the spacer to set it to 120mm after one ride.

Everything has been fine till yesterday when I went for a spin round Llandegla. Couldnt understand it I was struggling with the handling of the bike and when I stopped to check things I couldnt see any problems and carried on with the ride.

Last night I washed bike and noticed the fork was low it was only showing 100mm of stanchion you can pull the fork up to 120mm and it will sit there but when you bounce the fork it stays at 100mm travel, also fork feels stiff and sticky. Pulled fork apart this morning and rebuilt with fresh oil and grease and its no better.

Anyone got any ideas on whats wrong everything looks fine inside and air pressures were spot on.

Time for a trip to the post office to send it to TFTuned?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    so what sag were you getting?

    and what do you mean "air pressures were spot on. "
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  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Air pressures were first thing I checked they were exactly as I always have them set 140 psi pos and neg borrowed a shock pump in case mine is knackered but no difference. The rebound damping was the correct number of clicks from full the same as I have had for 2 years. Compression damper is fully open.

    Sag is approx 30mm same as before. You can physically pull the fork to 120mm travel but as soon as you pump the fork up and down the fork sits at 100mm travel with no weight on bike. It feels like the last 20mm of travel is very sticky and the fork moves up and down almost like the rebound damper is on too much. Checked the oil that came out and it looked okay not dirty and all the seals and O rings looked fine.
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