Campag Neutron Ultra

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Had these wheels a short while and had to change the tyres for the first time. The michelin krylons I've got have taken me ages to both get on and get off. No chance of getting em on just using my thumbs and if I get a puncture on the road its going to be a nightmare.

Anyone else got neutron ultras and if so which tyres do you use and do you have similar problems? I can get the contis on and off my commuting bike in no time at all so I'm sur eits not just me.


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    I use Schwalbe Durano Plus so I've never had a puncture on the road, however there's no real problem changing tubes; just use levers.
  • Campagnolo (and Fulcrum) are famously difficult to get tyres onto. I find Continental tyres fit more easily but it really is a case of having to MTFU.
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    Veloflex or Vittoria are pretty easy IME - just thumbs. Try using a larger volume tyre too e.g. 25mm. The correct technique helps considerably - ask a mechanic, there is considerable pride with mechanics not having to use tyre levers
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    Once you get most of the tyre on you need to then work the bit of the tyre you have on in to the well of the rim, as if you are working the slack in the tyre round.

    This explains (though you probably won't need toe straps). I also find it easier to get the last bit of tyre on by rolling it over the rim with the palms of my hands rather than using my thumbs.

    Also when taking the tyre off, work round the tyre and free the bead from the rim and push it into the well of the rim before tackling it with the tyre levers.
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    Campagnolo (and Fulcrum) are famously difficult to get tyres onto. I find Continental tyres fit more easily but it really is a case of having to MTFU.

    Sorry Mate, but can't agree, it has to be down to technique :roll:

    I have 2010 Shamals, 2010 Fulcrum 5's, 2007 Eurus (2 Pairs), 2010 Eurus, Fulcrum 7's, 2009 Zonda's and without exception all the tyres I fit are superb.

    I use Pro 3's on my best bike, Lithion 2's on my trainer, Rubino Pro's on my Classic and they all go straight on.

    For new tyres I always dust the inside with Talcum Powder, but then if I ever need to remove they are already stretched and come off with a pair of tyre levers.
  • I have the very same problem fitting Michelin's onto my Neutron's. I buy a new set of tyres and fit them onto a spare set of wheel's with Open Pro rim's before I need to replace the set fitted to my Neutron's. Michelin's slip onto the Open Pro's without any fuss. I then pump them up hard and leave them until I need them - topping up the pressure now and again. I find that when I come to swap the new tyres onto my Neutron's they will go on without having to get brutal with the tyre levers. Basically I guess I'm just stretching the new tyres a tadge.
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    I have used Duranos and Ultremos on my Neutrons. Not had any bother at all. Much easier than the wire beaded tyres on my old Raleigh......
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