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My 2011 Allez

bkimura66bkimura66 Posts: 4
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Just made what I *THINK* will be the final upgrade to my 2011 Allez. (New Wheels!) The bike now weighs in at 17.36lbs as shown in the slideshow. I've been gradually making upgrades throughout the winter. If anyone is interested in the build specs, please let me know.


  • Great looking bike and impressively light weight.

    I think you've set a new standard in bike presentation however, and will no longer be satisfied with mere photos. I want slideshows with rock sound tracks as standard!
  • glasgowbhoyglasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
    where are you based? Those are Euro sockets on the wall of the house
  • SDK2007SDK2007 Posts: 782
    Nice Allez - what wheels are those?
    Apex is non UK spec - where are you based?
  • The wheels are Soul S2.0SL. (1330 grams) i'm based in the US.
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    really nice, love the colour scheme
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  • amnesiaamnesia Posts: 118

    What is the cable tie on the down tube for ?
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  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    How do you find the wheels? They are serious vfm if they stand up well to the inevitable abuse!
  • amnesia: I've been using this bike on the trainer since late fall so I had a wired computer with rear speed/cadence sensors installed. The plans are to go wireless once I pickup a dedicated trainer bike.

    EKIMIKE: I've been reading a lot of positive reviews on the Soul wheels so decided to take a chance. I actually had money down on a pair of Ksyrium SLs and decided to get my money back and purchase the Souls. Seemed like a much better bang for the buck. $520 including shipping. ($20 extra for the red alloy nipples) The wheels are spec'd to support 210lbs and for everyday training. I'm 170lbs and I was assured by Sean at Soul that I'll be more than fine at my weight. We'll see.
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