Cable routing... Euro line up!

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Just building a couple of new frames up. Decided to go with the Euro set up: Front/left, rear/right. Cables will look and run much smoother...
But, what if I forget! :shock:
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  • desweller
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    You'll be all right. I had two bikes running different setups for a few months and had no problem switching between them. Definitely worth it, the cables will last longer too, although I get into a bit of a pickle braking & downshifting at the same time for some reason; haven't quite worked out why yet.
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  • inseine
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    But, what if I forget

    Huge skid? Or a crash, but at least your cable runs will be smooth......
  • gbsahne001
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    I'm thinking of doing the same with the commuter owing to issues with cantilevers and v brakes; LH combo shifter is dead but replacing back brake with a v brake won't work as the cable guides are not set up for a v. The only other option I think I have is to run full outers to the back.