Felt F95 2011 or Trek 1.2 2010

Pommierogue Posts: 55
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Been to try a few bikes today and narrowed it down to these two. Anyone out there offer an opinion on either.



  • bennyg13
    bennyg13 Posts: 2
    What did you go for in the end?

    I have just ordered the Felt F95... Be good to know if anyone has any experience of it?
  • dread_i1
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    I ordered a F85 last week and it arrived in the shop today, going to try it either tomorrow or friday so i'll let you know.

  • bennyg13
    bennyg13 Posts: 2

    I have only found 1 full review of the F95 in 220 Triathlon Magazine. Thought they were a bit harsh to be honest (i.e they criticised the microshift shifters but I have found nothing but good reviews of them?).

    Would be good to hear how you get on with your F85.