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My 2011 Scott Scale

Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
edited April 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Just built in the last few months as I got the frame of a friend, current spec:

Bars: Pro XCR UD 2011
Stem: Pro XCR 120mm 2011
Seatpost: Scott Pilot standard alloy
Headset: Richey WCS
Headset Spacer / topcap: Pro UD
Frame: Scott Scale 35
Forks: Rockshock Reba World cups(recently serviced and CSU replaced)
Crankset: Rotor Agilis with 27/40 rotor rings
Bottom bracket: Shimano pressfit BB92
Pedals: Shimano XTR M980 2011
Gear Cables: Shimano XTR
Saddle: Fizik Gobbi
Chain: Shimano Yumeya
Cassette: XT 11-34
Front mech: SLX Conventional swing
Rear mech: XT long cage(Will be short cage when I brake this one)
Brakes: Shimano XT
Seat clamp: Hope Bolt through
Rotors: Shimano XT
Rotor / brake bolts: Titanium
Wheels: Custom built with Pro2 hubs, Mavic 717Rims, DT Swiss Revolution black spokes and red aluminium nipples
Tyres: Front Nobby nic, rear Racing ralph with Stans no tubes kit
Skewers: Mavic Titanium

Not much left to do, weight is ok at 22.5lbs. Could be lighter, but went for robust with this build.

Pics are poor due to pants phone.



  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    Very nice 8)

    Funky crankset
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    Very nice 8)

    Funky crankset
  • because i'm not jealous !!!!!! LOL joke :P :lol: :twisted:
  • gorgeous bike.Where did you get your chainset from?
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
  • getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,804
    lookng lovely, a nice balance between weight and toughness.
  • Lovely lovely!

    My LBS has had a set of Rotor cranks in their shop trying to be sold for a while now, lovely bits of kit they are! Wish I had the cash for them cause they cost about 500 euros here.
  • mtbgusmtbgus Posts: 17
    Lovely bike, like the cranks don't see many like that nowadays, years ago I use to have Middleburn cranks but for the last 5 or years I've just stuck to boring (but good) XT's
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  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    Cheers guys!

    Been busy so not had chance to check my topic, got the cranks from work through Velotech services, really nice bit of kit but you are talking about £420.00 for the cranks and rings :S! however, weight was low and I like the Qrings, so I thought what the heck! :)

    MtbGus, yeah I was always the same... until I saw how nice these looked heh :)

    Also going Crest rims soon to shed a fews grams, a friend is 16ST and still about to keep the crest's in true! so i'm sure I can :D
  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    I've decided its time to shed a few grams! so this week I am building some new wheels!

    Stans Crest rims in black,
    DT Swiss Revolution spokes,
    Alloy red nipples,
    XTR 985 hubs
    X-King tyres 2.0

    Estimating around a 300gram lose :)
  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    It's the way forward! Manx as the hills baaa
  • yoohoo999yoohoo999 Posts: 1,089

    I'm surprised you can get that beast out of the shed never mind up a hill!!! :wink:
  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    I know! I am hoping sub 22! will see if I need to take the new Selle Italia Carbonio SLR Flow saddle we just got in should it now drop below 22 heh
  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    Woohooo! got my new wheels built, tyres etc all on :) weighing in at 21.12lbs

    Will get some new fresh pics up soon :)
  • rainerhqrainerhq Posts: 70
    Is this fork with 1 1/8´ steerer tube? How did you fit to tapered headtube?
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  • Tonyp_iomTonyp_iom Posts: 35
    It is indeed :). I just got the headset direct from scott, basically they provide the frame set with a Richey headset that has a 1 1/8 adapter or 1.5" adapter. Still use a 1.5" Bearing.

    I did try everywhere before getting it from scott as it was around crimbo time and they were closed! :O after a few different headsets I bit the bullet and waited for scott to open. We are Scott dealers, so you would need to go through your local scott dealer :).
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