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Magura Louise spares?

marksatbluemarksatblue Posts: 8
edited February 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Afternoon all, looking for some advice here.

I noticed my front brake lever (Magura Louise BAT) was loose and the braking had become spongy. Turns out the plastic 'mount' that holds the lever assembly and controls the axis it moves on has broken, and the whole brake is in danger of falling apart.

I'm struggling to find a spare through the usual channels (CRC, Wiggle, Google etc). Seems a shame to bin it, all for a piece of plastic - any suggestions?

the manual says there's a lever replacement kit, part number 0722 533 - I don't need all that, just the plastic bit.


PS here's a picture:

If grey hair is a sign of experience, I should be better than this.


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