Tyre repair or replace?

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Took a chunk out of a brand new tyre yesterday - repaired the pucture and took the piece of glass out, but now the tyres got a 2-3mm hole in it so:

Do I ignore it
Do I replace the tyre (thats only done 70 miles)
Do I repair it (somehow??)

Any advice?


  • If it was quite worn i would have said chuck it however maybe try putting some super glue in the hole? It should seal it. Its something i did when I was a student and it seemed to work well.

  • If you can see the inner tube through the trye - replace.

    Rural roads tend to have less glass.
  • The tyre "might" be repairable with superglue. If the hole is too bad it can't be fixed. There seems 2 thoughts on how to repair it, but this is how I did mine and it worked. The repair was a bad cut, not a chunk out.

    Go to the poundshop and buy superglue. I inflated the tyre to 100psi as usual, I then put about 7 or 8 very thin layers of superglue on and left it to dry between each layer. Then left it for about 24 hours. So far after about 1000 miles it still looks OK.

    There's also a repair with Shoeglue that might repair chunks, but I haven't tried that.
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