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Is 9 weeks enough to get fit for a XC race?

hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
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I've just entered a 53Km race on the 30th April. I haven't been on my bike for 6 months due to a shoulder problem so am completely unfit but entered this race for the experience and to get me motivated by having something to work towards.

My question is do I have enough time to get fit for the event? I'm not really interested in trying to finish well but more to just finish the course and have a good time. The event is listed as 3/5 for physical difficalty and 4/5 for technical difficulty. A link to the course HERE - In Portuguese.

How should I prepare? Just go out and ride some hilly loops increasing the distance every couple of weeks. Perhaps starting with 15-20Kms then building to 25-35Kms then finally 40-50Kms.

I've never had to train before as all my previous riding has been weekend recreational stuff.

Any comments welcome.


  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517 ... rt-2-25374

    Have a read of that; it includes a 12 week programme, after briefly looking at it, I think you'd better off just completing the first 9 weeks. It'll will almost definitely benefit you greatly.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    You'll be absolutely fine. You won't win, but it's only 30 miles, 9 weeks is an age.
  • Thanks for the link ollie. i'll help having a program to follow.

    njee20, I'm was concerned that 9 weeks would not be enough to get the stamina required to complete the course, especially as I'm completely unfit. I've also entered a shorter 37Km race on the 4th April so I can use it as a gauge for how much my fitness has improved and to get an idea of what sort of pace these run at.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
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    You'll be fine, particularly if you were vaguely fit before. Just do some riding between now and then, 9 weeks is ages. The fact it's a race is arbitrary, it's 30 miles. you could coach your average member of the public to ride 30 miles in 9 weeks.
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    Ignore the pace of the fast guys, go at your own pace and make sure you keep drinking and gulp down a gel or two during. And Yeah if you have no fitness 9 weeks of regular exercise will do you wonders.
  • Great. Thanks for the encouragement. I went for a short 13Km ride yesterdays (my first in 6 months) just to break myself in and get used to things again and other than a sore backside it was fine.
  • That's not a crazyily long race, and depending on what amount of climbing is in there you should be fine.

    When I got into MTB a while ago, the first itme I rode with my father-in-law I nearly died, but that was after being a couch potato for about 5 years. 30km was done that day though, and only a month or so later I was finding I was able to do 60+km with decent amounts of climbing just by riding a bit when I could.

    The main thing is don't worry about keeping up with everyone else, or trying to impress them. Just try to impress yourself with this one just by completing it.
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