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Spesh Hardrock Sport Disc upgraded

NachimirNachimir Posts: 126
edited March 2011 in Your mountain bikes
I've put quite a bit of effort into maintianing this as I use it as a runabout with semi-slicks on too, and it's stayed in pretty good nick for a bike that's racked up 2300 miles since last April.

It's been upgraded a while, but I only just got the white superstar nanos to finish it off. The main upgrades are a pair of RS Recon silver TKs (Didn't like the red stickers on the lowers so whipped them off) and maxxis high rollers.


Future upgrades will be hydraulic brakes, and a better chainset the next time I need to replace it.


  • @lexD@lexD Posts: 340
    :D very similar to my own but I have recon airs. How are you finding the high rollers after the specialized fast trak LK's?
  • NachimirNachimir Posts: 126
    Pretty good, I really notice the difference in traction. Took them out in the snow too and they handled it really well. Contemplating a minion for the front.
  • $Dave$$Dave$ Posts: 12
    Looks good, how are the RS Recon silver TK's? Might be getting some soonish.
  • Not too bad man! For some reason I really want a Hardrock just to have haha. The local shop here has a contest going on right now, and if I win (1 in like 200 chances) then I get 900 to spend on a bike. May nip one up in the extremely unlikely chance I managed to win.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Nice bike. I really like mine though it does get neglected now :(
    If you go for hydraulic brakes don't bother with Avid juicy three's, I fitted a set to mine but have gone back to the old mechanical ones becuase they are more powerfull!
    Surprisingly after the forks the best upgrade mine has got is a Deore hollowtech crank, much stiffer than the original and feels loads better.
    Original tyres are awefull for anything except road.
    Thinking about converting mine to single speed now, doesn't get much use now that I have my Trance & 456SS so thinking single speed might make it more interesting again.
  • getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,804
    looking good but I'll echo the comment about the Juicy 3s being not great. But i'd say that power is ok, though there is not much modulation and they're a PITA when it comes to maintenance. i keep having problems with sticky pistons and changing pads is a pain too.
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