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Evening folks! I've been riding for a short while now and have decided to get a second bike for the weekends and long stuff. I'm pretty set on a Ribble New Sportive but just wanted to know if there is anything I should know about carbon bikes? Any special care needed or anything else?
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    dont tighten things up too much, it can crack as a result. And try not to impact the tubing in any no riding stress type of way.
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    Don't crash, turn off the central heating, avoid hot days, never go out in the rain, do not under any circumstances get lardy, you will break it for sure. Other than that enjoy your ride.
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    I have a 20 year old frame with carbon tubes and alloy lugs ( Trek 2100 ).

    I'm lardy, have crashed loads of times, and go out in the rain all the time.

    It's still as good as new ( which is not that good, but never mind ).

    So relax :)
  • Don't use it in rain. Don't expose it to UV light. Best hang it on the wall and just look at it 8)
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  • Don't get it wet, don't feed it after midnight, and don't expose it too bright light, any of those and it might have a few gremlins :D
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    Don't ride it in thunderstorms/lightning or maybe i've got that mixed up with my fishing rods :lol:
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    Anyone want to buy a brand new, never ridden Ribble Gran Fondo? Once my thumb has set I'm going back to my Raleigh Grifter. I know that can take the knocks.
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    dont tighten things up too much,

    You really need a torque wrench, much cheaper and fewer tears than broken carbon bits. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • Carbon lacks the impact resistance of steel and aluminium. Don't lean your bike up a wall only for it to topple over.