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This has been discussed to death pro's and con's etc... I am wanting to join a club to help me get back into riding (still injured at the moment - since september 2010)

What I think would be good if we could get a basic (forum based) index of the clubs and areas, so the clubs in an area like London, what the club specialises in - as I have found one near me mainly does time-trials where as others are more social. (i guess tri-clubs could also be included as theres quite a few of them now)

how comes this hasn't been done before? I thought it would be good for clubs to have a bit of publicity? perhaps even a little write up by someone who has been on a few rides with them.

Club Name
Contact info
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  • Karl2010Karl2010 Posts: 511
    I suppose most people would just use the British Cycling web site to find a club near them.
  • Of the London clubs, the well known ones like Dynamo, Paragon, Wheelers and Phoenix are big enough with maybe 2-600 people that they tend to cover most disciplines (at least road, mtb, cross and track!), and have members that range from those that cycle for fitness, fun and a social element, through to higher cat racers. As with most clubs how you fit in and whether its the club for you probably has more to do with the individuals you connect with inside the club than the club as a whole.

    On the other hand most clubs have a stamping ground for regular evening rides (so, Richmond Park for Dynamo, the wednesday route heading south out of London for Paragon, Regents Park for Phoenix, etc); that may be the most practical way to identify a convenient club

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