Scratched/chipped frame

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Any suggestions as to the best type of paint to repair a deep scratch/chip on my frame?

Bike was damaged in transit, and being all black it shows up pretty bad. I don' t see my bike as an ornament but it's really doing my head in having white chips on the frame.

Would a spot of car paint do it with a bit of laquer on the top?


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    I find the best way to do it is get some of that touch up paint that comes in a bottle with a brush (Halfords sell it) or a matching model paint. Put a blob of it in the scratch, don't worry if it stands above the rest of the paint height as that's a good thing. Let it dry over night then t-cut it back flush with the existing paint. If you get the car type paint you normally get a bottle of clear coat in the same pack but I don't find that essential.
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    There is a product called Langka blob eliminator i think I've seen it in halfords if not Frosts sell it online guide to filling scratches/chips
    If you have a chipped paint surface or exposed metal surface - clean the area thoroughly, use a matchstick or brush to apply some touch-up paint to the chip, allow it to dry, typically 45-90 minutes. This will leave the usual "blob" of touch-up paint visible on the surface. Wrap a smooth cloth around the included "buffing card". Apply LANGKA generously to the flat surface . Rub LANGKA over the "blob" for 15-30 seconds allowing it to penetrate and begin smoothing the "blob" of excess paint. Once the touch-up paint "blob" begins to wear off, rub gently until the excess paint is gone but paint is left inside the chip or scratch.
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