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My 2011 Orbea Orca

rjudgeOrcarjudgeOrca Posts: 3
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Background: I have been riding a Cannondale CAAD 9 frame with Dura Ace components. Love the bike and have put close to 20k on it over the past 3 years.
I waited for this Orca Gold for 3 months and Orbea kept telling my bike shop it would ship each month. The manufacturing performance of Orbea did not leave me with a good taste. The engineering, however, is beyond expectations.

First ride: just an hour, but with 10 minute climbs of 3-6% grades (those in the know - Mussey Grade). At the bottom it is steepest and with a bad set of road cracks. From the start the bike felt awkward due to just the change from the Cannondale. After 5 miles, all was forgotten and the bonding began in earnest. First impression was that it was rock stable and yet was incredibly responsive. Almost sentient - seems to anticipate and respond. I know that is silly, but the bike just responds that well. My Cannondale was a Subaru Outback - solid and did what was needed. This bike is a Bugatti Veyron. Every fraction of a watt put to the pedal produces forward movement. The cracks in the road which ofter throw off my cadence had no effect on the Orca. Another striking impression was the almost total absence of noise. Even when hitting 25-30 mph I could barely detect road noise of the tires. The wind disappears around the bike and there is not a creak to be heard. My guess is this bike will really show it true colors when riding with my club (The Ranchos in San Diego). On longer days of 100+ miles I expect I will be feeling a hell of lot better off and be pushing it hard to the end.

Second ride: Mt. Palomar East Grade - about 10 miles 5-7% grade. Very little suffering (other than the cold). The bike is the dream bike - there are no excuses left.

After all the jerking around on delivery dates, I just don't care. The bike is beyond expectations - it is my dream bike.

Picture of Bike:


  • weaponsweapons Posts: 367
    Love it - I have a similar collection of racing bikes to you - Cannondale CAAD7 Optimo for winter training/crits and Orca 2010 (gold) for summer racing/riding.

    Both brilliant bikes - as those who ride CAADs know, they are very responsive bikes, but the Orca surpasses that and adds a layer of comfort to it so you're not so beaten up after a 100 mile ride.
  • Well thats 2 that exist now then! I had to wait 6 months (See my post just below!)

    Did you buy it as a frame?
  • Hi Charlieonix: No I bought it built out, but was able to specify the wheels, handlebar width, cranks, dura-ace set, ... They were very flexible. My bike shop is Bike Bling - an online shop and they sponsor our club. They gave me an outstanding deal and take great care of me everytime I drop by.
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